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Completion of comprehensive projects in the fields of control monitoring and visualization

More than a dozen years of involvement in the brewing industry enables us to cope with upgrade projects related to control systems for the manufacturing of both bottling and canning processes.

Our expertise covers such plants as:

  • Brewhouses based on the process automation systems: Brewmaxx, Braumat,
  • Syrup metering systems,
  • CIP equipment,
  • Lactic acid stations,
  • Malt mills,
  • Cooling stacks,
  • CO2 recuperation from fermentation tanks,
  • Carbonization systems for the filtration process,
  • Recovery of yeast from fermentation tanks,
  • Compressor centres,
  • Monoblocks for beer bottling,
  • Vacuum pumps incorporated into monoblocks,
  • Conveyor systems,
  • Systems for wet lubrication of transporters,
  • Crate storages,
  • Pasteurizers,
  • Palette stackers on the basis of PLC controllers and on freely programmable robots,
  • Palette destackers on the basis of PLC controllers and on freely programmable robots,
  • Washing stations for bottles,
  • Bottle inspection appliances,
  • Wrappers

The Company has also gained substantial experience in the metering of utility consumption acquired from the implementation of various projects, including an international project called EMI - Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence. The scope of tasks assigned to MDJ Electronic included:

  • Metering systems for electric power consumption
  • Metering systems for water consumption
  • Metering systems for compressed air consumption
  • Metering systems for steam consumption
  • Metering systems for ammonia consumption
  • Metering systems for the consumption of power for cooling purposes


MDJ Electronic LTD, ul.Gliwicka 233, 43-190 Mikołów
tel. +48 32 322 59 42, +48 32 326 00 40, fax. +48 32 326 00 41
NIP: 635-16-74-359, REGON: 278044393, KRS:0000167892
Sąd rejonowy w Katowicach, Wydział VIII Gospodarczy KRS Kapitał Spółki 50.000 zł.


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