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MDJ Electronic as a competent supplier of automatic control systems for the mining industry has been present on the market since 2001.
We are the leader in the implementation
of the most advanced solutions in the field
of industrial automation for mining operations.


The company has majored in the manufacturing of control equipment and systems that find application chiefly in mining shafts and shaft-relevant appliances.

We offer a broad range of control equipment that is normally incorporated
into the Integrated Control System for Shaft Equipment:
  • Intrinsically safe IUSS system for shaft signalization
  • Intrinsically safe control system for loading skip conveyances
  • Intrinsically safe control system for unloading skip conveyances
  • Intrinsically safe control system for retention bunkers of coal and automation
    of the path for coal haulage
  • Intrinsically safe control system for shaft-relevant equipment
  • Intrinsically safe control system for shunting coal trains
  • Intrinsically safe control system for water disposal and ventilation of shaft sumps

In addition, we offer delivery of the following control systems:
  • Intrinsically safe control system for cooling equipment,
  • Intrinsically safe control system for winches,
  • Intrinsically safe control system for conveyors,
  • Intrinsically safe control system for tension monitoring and control of tensioning operations
  • Intrinsically safe control system for coal transfer
  • Intrinsically safe control system for hydraulic accumulators

Our equipment has been incorporated into the control system for an underground winder of intrinsically safe (Ex) design engineered by MWM Elektro.

MDJ Electronic is a leading manufacturer of top-class equipment awarded with ATEX certificates designed for the mining industry:
  • Intrinsically safe PLC controllers of the MDJ315-2DPEx type programmable
    by means of the standard Step 7 engineering software from Siemens
  • Intrinsically safe I/O modules of the ET2000Ex type with Profibus DP communication
  • Intrinsically safe controllers of the MDJ6001 type
  • Intrinsically safe REX-01 weighing systems for conveyors and tanks
  • Flameproof computers of the MDJ7001 type
  • Units of intrinsically safe pneumatic solenoid manifolds (ZIREP) controlled
    by I/O modules or Profibus DP ports
  • SEP-16 separators for intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe signals
  • TC3 converters of RS485 signals into signals for fabric optical cables
  • Intrinsically safe speed meters of the CPT-01 type for belt conveyors

Our equipment and systems are delivered to both domestic and overseas markets.

We frequently introduce our products and solutions to various markets by collaboration with companies that deliver complete hoisting systems for mining shafts. Such companies provide services related
to the comprehensive upgrade of shaft winders and other equipment and benefit from the offers of MDJ Electronic. Consequently, the company has achieved the dominating position as the supplier
of intrinsically safe solutions for IS systems of shaft signalization - about 90% of all upgraded intrinsically safe systems for shaft signalization that are operated in Poland take advantage
of our equipment and systems.

The following companies involved in the business of shaft winders benefit
from our solutions:
  • MWM Elektro
  • INCO Engineering

On international markets, chiefly in Russia, our solutions are offered via INCO Engineering Praga,
the supplier of winders from The Czech Republic.

To meet the demands of our customers from the mining winders sector and to meet their expectations halfway MDJ Electronic has developed a system of wireless temperature measurement for windings of shaft winder motors. The system is provided with standard ports for Profibus DP or Modbus RTU networks.

Our offer also includes equipment and systems of general industrial design
that can also be used in the mining sector. These include:
  • Visualization and HMI solutions based on SCADA systems, such as WinCC, In Touch, RS View and iFix
  • Siwarex weighing systems for belt conveyors and tanks
  • Control systems based on various PLCs, such as Simatic, Allen Bradley or GE Fanuc
  • Field I/O modules ETR2000 of redundant design
  • TC2 converters of RS485 into fibre optic cables
  • Converters of network protocols Profibus/Modbus, Profibus/USS and others.


The short catalogue of the mining industry download here.

MDJ Electronic LTD, ul.Gliwicka 233, 43-190 Mikołów
tel. +48 32 322 59 42, +48 32 326 00 40, fax. +48 32 326 00 41
NIP: 635-16-74-359, REGON: 278044393, KRS:0000167892
Sąd rejonowy w Katowicach, Wydział VIII Gospodarczy KRS Kapitał Spółki 50.000 zł.


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