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In MDJ Electronic, the quality management system applies to all activities related
to the designing and manufacturing of all products connected with our company's business.
It further applies to the installation and service of electronic equipment and industrial automation systems.

To ensure competitiveness and the satisfaction of clients, all solutions provided
by MDJ Electronic, the leader in industrial electronics and automation, are based exclusively
on parts and sub-assemblies supplied by the most renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Thanks to many years experience, qualified personnel. A well considered strategy of the company`s development and focus on our clients, we are able to meet the wide spectrum of demands raised by various clients, both domestic and foreign.

MDJ Electronic offers its employees an opportunity to extend their education, whilst a relevant criteria of assessment and remuneration additionally motivate our personnel to improve
their professional skills and participate in training courses.

Having a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard,
the Management Board of MDJ Electronic approves the following priority targets:

  • supply of top quality products and services, where the quality level is achieved through
    the use of state-of-the-art know-how and the best solutions available
    in the field of electronics and automation,
  • continuous improvement of personnel skills and organization of work that makes it possible
    to meet client expectations arising from the latest trends in the development of industrial automation as well as participation in the creation of new directions in industrial automation,
  • continuous improvement of processes to ensure the company's competitiveness
    and to meet client expectations,
  • continuous training of creatively-minded personnel that easily comprehend all innovations
    and are capable of providing maximum satisfaction, even exceeding the client’s expectations.

The grounds along with the guarantee that these targets can be achieved lies in the proper management of the company along with the resources and the assignment of financial assets for the further development of our infrastructure and improvement of work organization, in particular the quality management system.

On behalf of the MDJ Electronic Management Board, I declare that the quality policy, setting
forth the strategic objectives for the company was communicated to the employees, understood, accepted, implemented and is subject to regular inspections to assess its validity
and applicability for the requirements of the system, being a tool to maintain the acceptable quality level of products delivered and services provided.


President of the Management Board Director Mirosław Przeliorz, MSc., Eng.


MDJ Electronic LTD, ul.Gliwicka 233, 43-190 Mikołów
tel. +48 32 322 59 42, +48 32 326 00 40, fax. +48 32 326 00 41
NIP: 635-16-74-359, REGON: 278044393, KRS:0000167892
Sąd rejonowy w Katowicach, Wydział VIII Gospodarczy KRS Kapitał Spółki 50.000 zł.


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